Love & Anniversary E-Gift Cards

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Looking for a gift that sparks romance and shared fun? Celebrate love with a HOYTS Love & Anniversary E-Gift Card! It's the perfect present for husbands, wives, or any special someone to create magical movie moments together.

From action-packed blockbusters to heart-warming rom-coms, let your loved one choose any movie and indulge in delicious snacks, drinks, or even merchandise – all with one E-Gift Card. So, skip the ordinary and give them an unforgettable movie experience with a HOYTS Love & Anniversary E-Gift Card!

How Digital Delivery Works
48hr E-Delivery or Schedule for Later

Need a present ASAP? HOYTS E-Gift Cards deliver anywhere, anytime and can be redeemed for movie tickets, Candy Bar items and even merchandise! Just choose a design and the amount, write a message (optional) and we'll deliver straight to the recipients inbox! E-Gift Cards are sent within 48 hours of purchase, or can be scheduled for a later date - a perfect option for future birthdays and special occasions.

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Personalise Your Gift

Looking to customise your gift? Make it personal by writing a message and we'll deliver it straight to their inbox.

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Physical or Digital

Choose between a physical or digital Gift Card option to best suit your needs. Physical Gift Cards are sent via Australia Post and delivered to the nominated address. Digital Gift Cards are sent via email, directly to the nominated recipients email address. Physical Gift Cards are usually delivered between 4 and 6 days when express shipping is selected.

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Build a Bundle

Build a bundle of your ultimate Gift Cards and vouchers for the ultimate movie lover gift.