Big Screens, Big Savings: Family Movie Night Bliss at HOYTS

Posted on February 14, 2024

Remember the good old days of family movie nights? Huddled under blankets, popcorn flying, eyes glued to the screen, and laughter echoing through the living room? The aftermath, however was often less sweet: finding popcorn for weeks to come down the sofa cushions, sticky residue from drink spillages and a sore neck from sitting in an odd position to fit everyone in front of the TV.

What if you could recreate the family movie magic with just the good bits? Well, you can! Enter family movie nights at HOYTS. It's the ultimate upgrade, and with our family cinema pass, it’s light on your wallet, too.


Why Go Big?

Sure, home movie nights have their charm, but let's face it, there's nothing quite like the cinema of the future waiting for you at HOYTS. Here's why trading your couch for comfy cinema seats is a win-win:

  • Big screens, big moments: Witness every laugh, every tear, every action sequence in all its glory. Explosions practically explode, heroes soar like never before, and tiny details become dazzling spectacles.
  • Sound you can feel: Immerse yourselves in movie magic with surround sound that puts you right in the heart of the action. From the whisper of wind to the roar of a spaceship, every sound vibrates with life.
  • Comfort is key: Kick back in extra-comfy recliner. Hoyts cinemas are designed for ultimate comfort, making movie marathons a breeze.
  • Snack attack! We all know the best part of movie night is the snacks. But ditch the burnt popcorn and questionable candy and indulge in delicious cinema treats. From gourmet popcorn and hotdogs to refreshing drinks and sweet treats, HOYTS has something for everyone.


Saving the Day (and the Budget)

Who says family fun at HOYTS has to break the bank? We get it; saving for that next family adventure is essential. That's why HOYTS offers a variety of ways to save on your family movie night:

  • Family E-Vouchers: Score big with epic family movie discounts! Grab a Family Pass E-Voucher and get entry for two adults and two kids at a discounted price. You can even give your other half a break and this  pass can also be used for three kids and one adult too.
  • Bundle deals: Craving some extra movie magic? Check out the Bundle of 5 or 10 e-vouchers and stock up on cinematic adventures for the whole family. The more you buy, the more you save!

If you’re looking for individual tickets, check out our offers page and don’t forget to sign up to HOYTS rewards for something extra special..

Movie Night Magic on the Menu

Popcorn is a classic, but for the adventurous among us, we can do better. HOYTS takes family movie snacks to a whole new level with a variety of delicious options:

  • Gourmet popcorn: Ditch the plain and embrace the extraordinary! Flavours like caramel & nut, chilli cheese, and choc-mint will tantalise your taste buds.
  • Hot food range: Classic comfort food gets a cinema upgrade. Choose from pizza with various toppings, a mountain of hot chips, or freshly baked garlic bread. You can even order hotdogs and burgers to take with you inside the theatre! 
  • Your favourite confectionery: A family movie night isn’t complete without some sugary treats! From your favourite candies to choc-top ice creams, HOYTS has you covered!


Bonus Tips & Tricks

When planning your family movie night, consider these pro tips: 

  • Weeknight wins: with perfect post-school timings for lots of family-friendly movies, you can enjoy the midweek movie magic without them (or you!) losing sleep. Skip the crowds and enjoy some awesome discounts, too.
  • Children under three fly free: don’t forget that your tiny moviegoer doesn’t need their own ticket! A bonus saving to help the whole family.
  • Bundles of fun: If you’re a regular moviegoer or you’ve got older teens (16+), check out the book of 5 or book of 10 e-vouchers. You’ll save 15-20% off an average movie ticket.
Ready to discover the magic of the latest Hollywood blockbusters? Grab your family e-vouchers today and delight in an unforgettable experience at HOYTS - your ticket to a stress-free family movie night.